Second Degree Burn Pictures

Photos Of Second Degree Burns

Treatment Of Second Degree Burns
Treatment Of Second Degree Burns

Treatment For Second Degree Burns Small
2 Degree Burn Treatment
2 Degree Burn Treatment

2Nd Degree Burns Pictures Small
How To Treat A Burn
How To Treat A Burn

First Degree Burn Treatment Small

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I have very bad sunburn I went to the doctor after 3-4 days. My skin is healing and I am pealing of dead skin and I itch like a pig. My concern is the part, where I burned so bad on my breast area and abdominal area and my thighs. The skin is so dry and tight and also very hard. It looks like scabs all over. Some part is still so tender and pink. I cant sleep at all and I cant even where a bra. what can I do to heal my skin without screaming by lungs out because of the lotions I apply that burns like hell (which the doctor prescribed to me) And will this cause bad tissue scarring that i will always have as a reminder?

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